Rename Files

By Date Modified, Date Created, Date Accessed in Batch

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Auto Photo Organizer

Rename Files by Date Modified / Created / Accessed in Batch

Auto Photo Organizer renames files by date modified, date created, and date accessed in batch. The software is full compatible with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000.

  1. Free Download Auto Photo Organizer and then install the software

  2. Launch Auto Photo Organizer

  3. Add files
    Click on "Add Files"
    Click on "Add Files" to add files.

    Choose files
    Choose files you need to rename, and then click "Open".

    Another easy way to add files: click on "Add Folder" and then choose a folder, the software will add files in the folder and subfolders.
    Click on "Add Folder"

  4. Choose renaming type
    By Date Modified
    By Date Modified.

    By Date Created.

    By Date Accessed.

  5. Set renaming options
    Set renaming options
    Check "Rename filename of target file".

    If you want to organize files to folder of date, please check "create folder" options.
    If you just need to rename files and keep them in original folder, please check off all "create folder" options.

    Tags in folder and file name are described below.
    • %Y: Year
    • %M: Month (1-12)
    • %D: Day (1-31)
    • %H: Hour (0-23)
    • %I: Minute (0-59)
    • %S: Second (0-59)
    • %N: Name of original files

  6. Set output folder
    Set output folder
    You could set the software output files to same folder of original files, or another folder.

  7. Rename files
    Rename files
    Click on "Move Files" to rename files.

    Renaming files
    The software is renaming files in batch.

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